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Advanced Training Flight 3

The Advanced Flight training program will seal the deal on you becoming a top-notch tanning professional. The successful completion of all 25 modules will earn you the Advanced Training Certification. This Certification is a powerful motivator for your salon and employees.

Displaying the Advanced Training Certification Certificates in your salon will show your customers your commitment to providing them with top-tier guest experiences. They will trust your advice because they will be able to see the training you have received.

Engaging and effective, this program quickly equips tanning professionals to operate salons with a focus on the Industry Best Practices and the confidence to consistently deliver a memorable guest experience.


Be an Advocate

There are a lot of myths floating around about tanning. Equipped with the correct information, you can help your guests make responsible tanning choices, ones that are best for them.

Learn how to give guests correct, accurate, up-to-date info in the salon, on the phone or online, so they can make educated decisions about tanning.

When your salon guests have the facts – whether it’s details about tanning and UV, how to properly operate equipment, or the facts about moderate UV exposure – you help them make informed decisions that benefit them, your salon and you.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how changing our message is a better approach to industry communication.
  • Explain how the role of the tanning professional is evolving.
  • Cite helpful resources designed specifically for guests with questions about tanning.
  • Communicate what claims you can and cannot make as a tanning professional.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Going Beyond Guest Satisfaction.

Be a Director

Find, interview and keep your staff motivated and engaged.

Learn best practices for finding and interviewing new staff – then strategies to help keep them motivated and engaged, which can help you keep key team members.

When you hire in the right people, your guests are happier, your workplace is happier, and you are happier. You spend less time putting out fires and handling staff issues. Whether you’re a manager currently, or have the desire to be a part of your salon management team in the future, you’ll need a wide variety of skills to find and keep your dream team.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Cite ways to locate qualified applicants.
  • Discuss the importance of a well-written position description.
  • Explain some interviewing dos and don’ts.
  • Motivate to improve job performance, build enthusiasm and reduce turnover.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principal: Work is Theatre.

No Train, No Gain

From opening and closing procedures to everything in between, proper employee training is vital to your business. Combine ongoing staff training with real world experience and you’re building a sound foundation for success.

Learn to weave together your formal training with the valuable work experience you gain on a daily basis, and you can acquire the knowledge and wisdom to guide your guests to their optimal tanning solutions.

In the tanning profession, this means focusing on best practices in salon operations, best procedures for managing in a regulated environment, and best principles for staging exceptional guest experiences.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Explain salon opening and closing procedures for optimal service and efficiency.
  • Cite basic components of staff orientation training.
  • Discuss why training “beyond the basics” is necessary for establishing credibility.
  • Discuss the 14 Ways to Organize and ideas for getting things done.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Putting Knowledge to Work.

Compliance Reliance

There are important federal laws that govern the operations of tanning salons and equipment. And depending on where your salon is located, your state, city and county may have additional laws, as well. Many states monitor and inspect tanning salons to protect the public health and safety of guests.

Learn to ensure you are in full compliance with all applicable salon regulations and requirements. If you operate your salon as if every day was Inspection Day, you’ll be well on your way to Compliance Reliance.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Cite specific materials an inspector may request.
  • Discuss best practices and policy for environmental health and safety.
  • Discuss the reasons for implementing a Hazard Communications Program.
  • Explain ways to manage and protect records.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Keeping Backstage… Backstage.

Mixed Media

Successful marketing requires an artful blend of traditional and non-traditional methods. Learn to leverage the new generation of marketing vehicles – social media – to market your business and manage your online reputation. Social networks and social commerce are changing the marketing game.

Traditional marketing like advertising and direct mail are still an important part of any marketing plan, but today’s consumers are increasingly turning to their social networks of friends for trusted advice, reviews and buying decisions. How you manage these networks – and what the people in them say about your salon experience – is vital to the success of your overall marketing plan.

A solid plan will review the opportunity of “tried and true” one-way messaging such as direct mail, radio, TV and print advertising. But it also needs to include a social networking strategy to help establish two-way, interactive communication between you and your guests.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Leverage social media to market your business and manage your online reputation.
  • Cite the various media and beneficial methods of marketing.
  • Evaluate ideas for developing a marketing plan.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: The Experience IS the Marketing

Tan with a Plan

When it comes to tanning, an informed guest is the best guest. The decision to tan is a personal and important decision. You need to help your guests realize there’s a wealth of information available about tanning so they can make the tanning choice that is right for them.

Learn about the wide range of information and research resources that are available about tanning from industry, scientific and government sources. It’s important that you are familiar with these resources so you can inform guests that they are available.

Since “Just do a web search on it” is not an acceptable response to a guest question. The decision to tan is a personal choice. In order to make the right choice for them, your guests need accurate and clear information.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Discuss best practices to communicate moderate, responsible tanning.
  • Explain the physiological effects of UV exposure.
  • Locate important info and research on the biological effects of tanning.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Just Script It.

This Little Bed’s Juuust Right

Wrap engaging, memorable and personalized experiences around your core salon offerings! The experience you offer guests at your salon is key to adding value and can be done at every guest interaction and touch point.

Your tanning salon is not only competing against other tanning salons for business. What you are really competing for is a portion of your guests’ time, attention, and money. Today, guests have more choices, more opportunity and more options for spending their hard-earned money than ever before.

Guests who believe they get more value for their money are loyal and spend more time with you. At the heart of a multi-realm experience is a staged event that hits the “sweet spot”. Stage an engaging guest experience each and every time.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the two components of staff image.
  • Discuss how to improve salon image.
  • Discuss ways to maximize guest interaction at each touch point.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: 4E’s: Hitting the Guest Experience “Sweet Spot.”

Community: It’s About Time

Smart professionals know that giving back to the community helps build strong relationships and is a catalyst for opportunity. Discover creative ways you can give back … and maybe even get a little back, as well.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Our words, ideas, and actions are now nearly instantly searchable, sortable and greatly magnified inside the overlapping network of personal and professional communities to which we contribute.

Learn how frequent and proactive contribution in your local community, as well as active membership in associations for tanning professionals, can greatly elevate awareness of your salon, leverage your marketing message, and influence the people and organizations that directly impact your business. And you can do all this while making a positive impact on your community. It’s truly a win-win.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • Explain 3 forms of community, and ways to leverage resources.
  • Cite 4 examples of earned media promotions.
  • Play it safe with Social Media in the workplace.
  • Share ways to make time for community.
  • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Third Place.

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