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Salon Operator Certification<br><br>$59.95
Salon Operator Certification


Sun is Life indoor tanning operator training has been developed by industry professionals with decades of practical salon operation knowledge…

ADVANCED TRAINING <br><br> $99.95


Designed with today’s salon staff in mind, the Advanced Training Program consists of easy-to-follow, online courses offered in brief, 15-minute modules. The detailed and in-depth lessons feature engaging multimedia, music and interactive click-maps that keep you intrigued and motivated.

Certification & Advanced Training <br><br> $124.95
Certification & Advanced Training


Take both the Certification and the Advanced Training together for one low price!

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Enrollment is fast and easy! Sun is Life Training is available online to Tanning Salon Professionals … on your time, anytime!

Why Sun is Life?

Sun is Life is effective-designed with today’s busy tanning professionals in mind. Sun is Life is the cutting-edge, high-impact salon staff training program you have been looking for.

It is innovative-integrating proven industry best practices in salon operations with varying degrees of information available to its customers.  It teaches learners to consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences every time.

It is flexible-with a variety of 15-minute modules, it allows you to focus on the training that is right for you, right now.

It is affordable-an investment in Sun is Life training is an outstanding value.



Beginner  –  Intermediate  –  Advanced  Flights

Sun is Life Flights offer a 3-tiered approach that bundles specific modules based upon your on-going progress as a dedicated tanning professional.  Start with Flight 1; then as you’re ready to enhance your skill set, add Flight 2.  Then finally, Flight 3 which will complete your training program. We offer the Flights separately or as a package deal.

Advanced Training - Flight 1 <br><br> $49.95
Advanced Training - Flight 1


The Beginner’s Flight
Includes topics such as:

Know Your UV ABC’s
UV and You The Skinny on Skin
Pre-Screen Routine
I Care for Eye Care
You’re Just My Type
First Impressions Last
A Little Dirty Talk

Advanced Training - Flight 2<br><br>$49.95
Advanced Training - Flight 2


The Intermediate Flight
Includes topics such as:

Be a Detective
Be a Tour Guide
Be an Authority
Lights Out
Lamps and Amps
411 on 911s
Notions About Lotions
Membership Mojo
Got Sunless?

Advanced Training - Flight 3<br><br>$49.95
Advanced Training - Flight 3


The Advanced Flight
Includes topics such as:
Be an Advocate
Be a Director
Tan with a Plan
This Little Bed’s Juuust Right
Mixed Media
No Train, No Gain
Compliance Reliance
Community: It’s About Time

Salon Operator Certification

The Salon Operator Certification program allows people inside of the tanning industry to become more professional, more knowledgeable, and more prepared for almost anything they will face on a daily basis at the tanning salon. Because the Sun Is Life program is available on-line, it allows you to take the classes, learn the material, and test for comprehension, at your own pace. You are able to access the program at any time and can complete the exam when you are confident that you are ready. In the certification program, you will be learning the basic “ins and outs” of the tanning salon industry. After taking the certification program, you will feel more comfortable and more confident when helping your salon guests. Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the more you can help customers with their questions and concerns.

Operator Advanced Training

Once you have taken the Salon Operator Certification course, it is extremely beneficial to take the Advanced Operator Training program. With the Advanced Training program, you are able to gain a deeper level of understanding and knowledge in important issues that face tanning owners and operators on a daily basis. Each flight offers a different level of learning and is available to you on-line at any time. With the completion of all three flights, you will receive a certificate for earning your Advanced Operator Training certification.

SUN IS LIFE is the training that you and your team needs!

good words. good people.

  • “I cannot tell you how HELPFUL the Sun is Life Training program has been to our entire team. We cannot be successful if our team is not successful! Taking the courses has been a great learning experience and has made our staff more united by enabling us to provide our salon guests with consistent and factual information. We have more modules to go, but we’re committed to our staff’s growth and success!”

    Chris Schultz
    Chris Schultz Co-Owner, Lifetime Tans – Parker, CO
  • “I would recommend Sun is Life’s programs to anyone looking for help getting a staff member certified or improving a current staff member’s knowledge and skill levels. The Sun is Life team is absolutely wonderful, very friendly and they go over and beyond their duty to make sure their customers are 100 percent satisfied. They truly are the company to use for any training services a salon operator needs.”

    Ashley Cobb
    Ashley Cobb Owner/General Manager
  • “Sun is Life Certification is a great way to make sure your tanning consultants know proper salon operation procedures. I’ve learned so much by completing this program. The Sun is Life staff is very helpful and completely knowledgeable when it comes to the material. Thank you so much, Sun is Life, for giving me the knowledge I need to be a better tanning consultant. I would definitely recommend your program!”

    Paulina Best
    Paulina Best Tanning Consultant
  • “I chose Sun Is Life to complete my registration for salon operation in the state of North Carolina. My experience was fantastic! I worked with Tony, who was extremely helpful. When the time comes that I have to renew my certification, I will definitely use Sun Is Life, because they make it easy for a busy mom, and I will recommend it to all of my friends and coworkers who will be getting certified, as well. Thank you, Tony and Sun Is Life, for making this an easy and bearable experience!”

    Stephanie McMahon
    Stephanie McMahon Jacksonville, NC


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Sun is Life is the industry’s leading Tanning Salon Operator Training Program. We offer you and your staff a valuable tool that will elevate your teams level of professionalism, and increase their confidence in both providing and promoting moderate, responsible tanning.

Upon completion of the program, you will meet your state’s specific requirements for becoming a Tanning Salon Operator. You will also gain factual information you can share with your salon guests to educate them and help create a more positive image for the tanning industry within your community.

The Sun is Life Training and Certification Program is the perfect place to start with your employees to be trained and have the knowledge that they need to help you with your business.


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