Fight the Hypocrisy!

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A new report from a website called Medical X claims that compliance with tanning regulations meant to lessen associated risks varies widely in five countries.

When it comes to compliance with regulations, the United States, Germany, France, Australia and Chile generally came in with a “poor” rating. The authors looked at age restrictions, protective eyewear, warning labels, health information and restrictions. Interestingly, the compliance ranged from a high on protective eyewear at 92% to only 34% for compliance with restrictions for minors. They also indicated that salons did not do very well when it came to communicating risks, posting of warning signs and misleading health claims. As I reviewed the report, I was not surprised to notice that the majority of all the studies reviewed came from the U.S. As a strategy, the authors suggest to follow alcohol and tobacco controls when drafting future legislation, and adding taxes to pay for inspections to serve as a deterrent. The story quotes BioMed Central’s Jessica Reimann: “We need greater enforcement to protect the public. Checking on compliance in-person at tanning salons is an effective means to do this. Legislative amendments may also help to ensure young people are not indoor tanning.” Each of these methods was recommended with the intent to stop people from utilizing controlled UV exposure.

OMGosh! Stop already! A number of issues come to mind. First, how many of these problems have we brought upon ourselves? Several. Not using eyewear? C’mon! Industry vets like Eye Pro’s Brenda Fishbaugh have spent years preaching the gospel of eye protection. Misleading health claims? The Food and Drug Administration has prohibited health claims regarding indoor tanning for decades – yet, some salon operators just “don’t get it” and still do it. And regarding their anti-sunbed strategy? Well, they suggest that states follow alcohol and tobacco controls and bring on more taxes. Booze and smokes? Well, there are zero alternatives to those substances compared to what salons offer as alternatives to natural sunlight.

What can we do? It’s simple! Become a trained salon professional. Sun is Life® Training and Certification is offered 24/7 to salon operators and their staff.

Controlled exposure to UV is what WE offer. For years, I have pointed to the hypocrisy of the folks who are dead set on impaling our industry. When uncontrolled exposure to UV from natural sunlight typically leads to overexposure and sunburn, why is there absolutely nothing to stop parents from allowing their kids to engage in this dangerous behavior? Pools, lakes, baseball and soccer fields, golf courses, hiking and biking trails and more – what state or government regulation prevents these overexposure risks? Zero. Have at it, parents. Take your little one to the beach and allow natural sunlight to glow on that tender skin. I have to say it again: the hypocrisy!

Remember, millions of people weigh the risks and benefits of UV exposure and seek the services offered at indoor tanning facilities where sessions are delivered according to individual skin type, an exposure schedule and a timer that reduces the risk of overexposure and sunburn.

What can we do? It’s simple! Become a trained salon professional. Not in January, not next month or next week. Now. Sun is Life® Training and Certification is offered 24/7 to salon operators and their staff. If you have internet access, you can do it. In fact, just stop reading this story and get registered. For more info on the program, visit today!

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